THE Skiing reference in 'Le Revard'
Bulletin neige Savoie Grand Revard
Au sommet (1500m)
145cm -6°c Neige
En bas (1200m)
100cm -4°c Neige
Dernière chute
5cm 31/01/2012
Mis à jour : 16/02/2012 - 09h12
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Webcam du Revard

Boutique L'Alvéole - Mountain regional products and souvenirs

Find all the charm of the Savoie through our mountain regional products and souvenirs.

Be amazed by the diversity of Alpine cheeses, wines and liquors. Enjoy our local sausages and our local sweets.

Discover our raclette and fondue formulas to take away with the loan of the appliances.

L'alvéole is also a bread depot (on order), magazines, postcards and stamps and a grocer’s shop (everything that you need, nearby)..

Some pictures from the old times :

For more information or for booking
Thank you for contacting us at 04 79 54 00 58
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Revard Sport - Place de la Crémaillère - 73100 Le Revard
Ski rental, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding, mini-ski, snowblade, helmets, snowshoes, sledges, baby carriers --- Ski clothes & Accessories
Revard ski resort - 'Domaine' Savoie Grand Revard - Savoie - France
2010/2012 - Conception Charlotte PointCom pour Revard Sport Location